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Compuwatch Professional

Compuwatch Professional

Suitable for the organizations operating in a single premise.

CompuWatch is a new creation of the CompuTax Group. It enables management to keep an eye on the employee’s computer, create a log of employee’s actions, review them and generate reports on employee’s activity. CompuWatch helps an organization to identify various shortcomings/anomalies in their organization to take immediate remedial action.

  • Watch
  • Access
  • Record
  • Communication
  • World Wide

Features :

  • Enable to view & access any computer screen of employees/Staff.
  • Recording with auto recording option to review later on.
  • Control on permissions for using external drives (USB, CDs etc.).
  • Control on permissions for using/restricting websites.
  • Maintain log (history) of internet surfing at any computer system.
  • Real time communication by send/receive message/files to employee or group of employees.
  • Live video watching through webcam with recording option.
  • Real time security alerts on failure of security setting of any computer system.
  • Facility to view multiple screens at time.
  • Exclusion of any system from being monitored.
  • Facility to login from anywhere in the world.

Rs. 4750  Inclusive of all taxes


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